Tiny Tin & Stitch Markers - Harry Potter Houses

These Tiny Tins are perfect for tossing into your project bag or notion pouch! You can get them with the included stitch markers shown in the picture, or while supplies last you can get them empty and fill them up yourself!


EMPTY TINY TINS give you the perfect place to hold your stitch markers and other tiny accessories.

The tin measures approx.: 2" x 1.5" x 0.635"

Suggestions on what to put in your Tiny Tin.

Stitch Markers!

    3 Sizes for Knitters:

    • Sock: 6 US/4 mm
    • Medium: 9 US/ 5.5mm
    • Large: 15 US/10 mm stitch marker
    • Removable Clasp: 6 US/4 mm  perfect for our Bracelet/Necklace Chains, Row Counters, Crochet, and temporary marking of knit stitches!

    For even more organization and ease while on the go:

    Add a Stitch Marker Bracelet Chain or Stitch Marker Necklace Chain to keep your stitch markers close at hand!

    Looking for a Notion Pouch to keep your stitch marker's in? Check out our zipper pouch! It's perfect!