Tiny Tin - Harry Potter Houses - SLYTHERIN


EMPTY TINY TINS give you the perfect place to hold your stitch markers and other tiny accessories.

The tin measures approx.: 2" x 1.5" x 0.635"

Suggestions on what to put in your Tiny Tin.

Stitch Markers!

    3 Sizes for Knitters:

    • Sock: 6 US/4 mm
    • Medium: 9 US/ 5.5mm
    • Large: 15 US/10 mm stitch marker
    • Removable Clasp: 6 US/4 mm  perfect for our Bracelet/Necklace Chains, Row Counters, Crochet, and temporary marking of knit stitches!

    For even more organization and ease while on the go:

    Add a Stitch Marker Bracelet Chain or Stitch Marker Necklace Chain to keep your stitch markers close at hand!

    Looking for a Notion Pouch to keep your stitch marker's in? Check out our zipper pouch! It's perfect!