Stitch Markers - Necklace - Chain Only


If you  knit in public, you know how frustrating it can be to drop a stitch marker and have everyone on their knees searching for it!  Our Stitch Marker Necklace solves the missing marker problem by letting you keep those markers close.

Now you can turn any set of stitch markers into a useful and beautiful piece of jewelry.

It's simple!

1. Choose a set of Stitch Markers with crochet clasps.

2. Purchase the Stitch Marker Necklace Chain.

3. Put them all together and enjoy your beautiful and useful jewelry.

Please Note: If you see a set you like and they are not available in the crochet clasp, simply order a different size and add a note to your order requesting that rings be changed and we will make sure you get the right item!

  • Necklace Length: 30"

  • Slipped Stitch Studios Tag included

  • We suggest about 5 -10 markers fit on 1 necklace but you could have more or less depending on your project and preference!

  • Chains, charms, and clasps are nickel and lead free.

Not a Necklace kinda person? Try our Stitch Marker Bracelet Chain!
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If you would like these markers or any of my markers customized in any way, please contact us.