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Charm Bracelet
10 Stitch Markers


Keep our handy markers close to hand with the Stitch Marker Bracelet. Using Stitch Markers helps you keep track of where you are at. For Knitting you can slip these 3 different ring sizes on to your needle and keep track of the pesky stitch counts, Yarn Overs, SSk...etc. For Crochet we have the Lobster Clasp that will clip right onto your work in progress and is easily removed when you like it.

The Clasps work wonderfully for knitting as well! These are perfect for complex patterns or knitting & crochet in public- they will save you so much time, and allow you to enjoy your surroundings as you stitch! Excellent as gifts or a great treat to yourself!



    • 11  Removable Clasp Stitch Markers

    • Bracelet Length: 8"

    • Slipped Stitch Studios Tag included

    • All markers will have the lobster clasp, and can be used for knitting or crochet.

    • Removable Clasp: 6 US/4 mm

    • Chains, charms, and clasps are nickel and lead free.

    Custom Not a bracelet kinda person? Try our Stitch Marker Necklace Chain! Looking for a Notion Pouch to keep your stitch marker's in? Check out our zipper pouch! It's perfect! If you would like these markers or any of my markers customized in any way, please contact us.

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