Stitch Kit - Empty Tin - Team Instinct


Make your own Stitch Kit! Pick and choose what you want in your Stitch Kit!

This is the little kit to bring when you travel anywhere with your project, you will be prepared for anything! These are excellent gifts, are the perfect fail-safe for all your knitting & crochet adventures! Doctor's Office or Brazil, this kit has you covered. All items to choose from are TSA approved!
Suggestions on what to put in your Stitch Kit:
  • 2- 4" Pattern Magnets; (Kit Sized) Perfect for keeping track of any knitting or crochet pattern on the go. No magnet board needed to keep your spot with these.
  • 5 hand-wound stitch markers (Mix & Match for our selection HERE)
  • Clasp-on Row Counter (Great for Knitting or Crochet!)
  •  Tape measure: 60in (150cm)
  • 1-4 Yarn Needles
  • A bunch of Coil-less safety pin/stitch holders
  • 1 Pair of Sharp Snips (TSA Friendly Scissors -Blades are under 3")
  • A flash light for hard to see stitches
  • Check out the listing for more options!

This listing is for the TIN only.  All other items are suggestions.  If you would like to purchase a pre made kit filled with supplies, please check out our available FULL Stitch Kits.