Spindle Tote - CLUB EXTRA - Walking Dead Michonne

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Finally something made with the Spinner in mind. Don't settle for something that "works" get something that was made for you! Drop, Support, and Wheel are all accommodated in this functional and innovative design!

Check out our YouTube for the full Demo!


  • Spindle Tote Size: Approximately 12.5” tall with a square boxed bottom of 4”x4”
  • Fully lined with padded interfacing to protect from knocks and dings, the square bottom bottom even has extra hardened interfacing to help avoid dulling any points.
  • The handle can be snapped to itself or to a webbing loop. This allows you to carry it on your wrist like our project bags. Or if you would like to store your fiber inside, this will keep the handle from blocking the hole at the top.
  • Snap the webbing to the loop across the opening and you have another versatile way to carry your project. 
  • If you want to close the opening at the top of the bag, simply thread the long handle through the loop, and snap to it’s self.
  • Also you can also use this feature to attach around your spinning wheel to keep tools and fiber close.
  • This bag is the only spindle bag we could find that has no zippers or drawstrings. We use an origami shaped closure that snaps securely shut, but unsnaps so that you can pull your spindles or fiber out with out felting.
  • Around the inside of the bag, you will find 2 rows of elastic partitioned to help you secure your spindles in the way you desire. Including the parts of Turkish spindles,
  • There is enough room in the bottom to keep your support bowls together with the support spindles. Two drop spindles will fit nicely placed in opposite directions.
  • The main spindle displayed in the pictures inside and out is a Laci’s spindle… 12” high and 4.5 across the whorl.

Care Instructions
Spot clean if possible. However, you can machine wash delicate cycle in cold water and Low heat/Fluff dry. Iron on Medium/ High cotton setting.

*Fabric pattern placement will vary

This item pictured is an example of the actual product for sale and uses the same style, fabric prints, and material colors shown. However, the fabric pattern placement does vary on each item produced. *Accessories pictured are suggestions and not included.