Pinback Buttons - Men Knit


At Slipped Stitch Studios we want nothing more than to enable you to show your FLAIR for Yarn!  These funny pin back buttons are just the thing for anyone who wants to show their yarn loving funny bone! Wear a badge with pride! This pin-back button set is the perfect way to personalize your bag, shirt, or jacket.  They are the perfect accessories for fiber shows and LYS events!

Excellent gifts, buy a bunch and give to your friends in fiber to remind them they are special, or horde them and keep them all to yourself!

This listing is for nine 1" pin back buttons, with some of my original artwork and some funny sayings I either made up or love.






This pack includes the following sayings:



Knit nerd

Must stash

Real live knitter. No, you can’t touch me.

I knit because I am smarter than you.

Real men knit

It takes balls to knit like this.

Yarn Snob & proud of it

Men K2

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn