Keychain - Are You My Mummy? Doctor Who


Club Extra: Every time we do a Bag of the Month, we have to make more than we sell. This ensures that any defective items can be quickly replaced. Once we have quality checked the batch and packaged up the orders to ship, we will have a few extras in each size/item (usually).

The remaining items are posted as a CLUB EXTRA to give everyone a last chance to grab something which they may have missed out on..

What is the Bag of the Month?  The bag of the month was created to allow SSS to specialty fabrics for our favorite fandoms.  Specialty fabric printing is pricey, so there is an additional cost to this, it comes out to about $5-$7 extra a bag. These are super limited. As of yet we have not reprinted a fabric, so once it is gone, you may never see it again! Buying anything in the limited fabrics DOES NOT obligate you to any future purchases  Note: All bag of the month clubs are inspired by the subject for which they are named. We use either our own artwork, or that of indie artists all over the world to create a unique take on all kinds of fandoms. 

If you would like to see what we have done with other clubs and the feedback available please come check out my Ravelry fan page where you can post about your Slipped Stitch Studios experiences, and read about all the great things to come!

This handy little flashlight will help you find what you're looking for at the bottom of your new project bag.  Only 2.5 inches tall, he's the perfect size to hang out with your bag and go along, no matter where you love to knit!