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Pick your Project Bag



Picking the perfect bag for your project should be quick, easy, and fun! 

 Check out our suggestions below andfollow the links to see our current fabric selections!


Our Medium Project bag: TWO SKEIN PLUS

Not all of your small projects can fit into a one-skein Sock Bag. Maybe you need a few more skeins of yarn or maybe you just need room for your straight needles, drop spindle, or notion pouch. the Two Skein+ Project Bag will accommodate the necessities of a more complex but still small project. 

HISTORY: This was the First Project Bag Laura created for Slipped Stitch Studios back in 2009.  While it has been improved considerably since its beginning, it remains the most popular bag for most project.


Some of the best things come in small packages! At under $30 the Sock+™ Project Bag is great for stitching on the go. Don’t let the name fool you: these bags carry much more than just socks. Get one today and your yarn will thank you.

Smaller Still? If you are looking for something to hold JUST a ball of Lace or Sock yarn and a project on 5" DPN, or Circulars, you may want something even smaller! For that we have 2 Options! Our Studio Tot can be clipped on to any loop, and has a nice snag-free drawstring. It you need a little more security, our Zipper Notions Pouch is also a great way to store the tiny projects, not to mention all the awesome notions you can dream up!


Do you consistently have more than one project in the works? Do you take on large sweaters or complex color work for the sheer exhilaration? Your perfect project bag is our Double Project Plus. Able to carry 2 projects or 2 colors in awesome separate yarn pockets. It's light weight, reinforced bottom, and a nice shoulder length handle allows you ultimate diversity! Check out our Pro Tips Section for other cool uses for this roomy bag!


The Studio+ Tote is not only our biggest project bag but it's also so much more. You can easily organize and carry all of your supplies for very complex or very large projects or you can use it for many smaller projects while also keeping them organized. The Studio+ Tote stands up on its own, seals shut with a drawstring closure, keeps colors and projects separate with pockets and yarn guides, and protects your notions and projects with an interfaced body and a durable canvas box bottom! But wait! We aren't even to the good part yet. The Studio+ Tote is also our most flexible tote: it can be expanded by clipping in Studio Tots which are water bottle sized bags that can hold all sorts of goodies keeping them separate and organized. Perfect for Travel! It truly is a marvel and a wonder to watch in action. It's stylish too!


OurGo Crafty Travel Tote is for when you want ALL THE THINGS. It began when we wanted a case for tools that doesn’t force you to conform to the way we “think” you should organize. This Case has so many options, it’s all about YOU! Useful For: Interchangeable Needles (2+ full sets) Crochet Hooks, Circular Needles, DPN, Pattern Holder, Project Bag (Two Skein Plus equivalent), Purse... Also Perfect for Artist in many different mediums i.e. Brushes, pens, pencils, makeup, and more!

We've Got More than Just Bags!

We are not only committed to bringing you the 

best tote for your project, but also to keeping your 

notions fresh and your accessories sassy!