miSwift™ Swift Covers

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If you're anything like we are, you have a love-hate relationship with your swift. It makes winding your yarn and preparing for that oh-so-new project a breeze but once you're done winding it's bulky, kind of ugly, in the way, fragile, and just a nuisance. If only there was a solution to this problem.

The miSwift Cover is that solution. It's designed to be the perfect fit for the average wooden swift. It's padded so that bumps and knicks don't do serious damage. With its sturdy handle, the miSwift Cover can be used to keep your swift up and out of the way or even be easily taken with you to the yarn shop or your favorite knitting spot. A large variety of patterns means the miSwift cover is also an attractive dust cover if you just like to leave your swift attached to the table.

Please check out our YouTube Demo for more info!

**If you are interested in a matching BALL Winder Bag- Please check out our Two Skein+ Bags they fit most normal sized Ball Winders!


  • Approximately 32" long with a 14" circumference, the bottom gussets are 3". (NOTE: All swifts are not created equal! Please measure your swift to be sure that the miSwift cover will work for you.)
  • The miSwift Cover is designed to hold an average size (or smaller) wooden umbrella or Amish Style yarn swift.
  • FOR USE WITH AMISH SWIFT: Please check out our Zipper Notion Pouches! They can be attached with a carabineer for easy peg storage!
  • Specially designed to hold your swift without the need to disassemble anything so you can store it quickly without worrying about losing pieces.
  • 13" sturdy but soft cotton handle. Great for hanging up on a hook or hanger or taking with you.
  • A smooth nylon cord is used for easy cinch glide and a cord lock allows nothing to slip out.
  • Padded with 1/4" thick fleece interfacing to protect your swift from most bumps and falls.
  • The unique size and shape of the miSwift Cover makes it great for storing those other oddly shaped accessories you may have laying around like XXL knitting needles, crochet hooks or Tunisian hooks. It may also even work for your Navajo spindle or your yoga mat. Just be sure to measure before you buy.



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