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Swearapy 2021: Sarcasm is my coping tool

Ok, we are almost half way into 2021 and we are gonna need more swears! Luckily, Cynthia Frenette has been busy with BRAND NEW ones for us to enjoy!

We have 10 designs available. You can purchase any items in our catalog in these awesome fabrics with NO CUSTOM FEE for this weekend only! Fabric by the Yard is also available for purchase!

Plus there is a special discount if you get 5 sewn items, that are $20+, in any fabric, this weekend only, you can use our SETSALE code to get $20 off!

These orders have a SHIP BY DATE of the week of June 28th to account for the "new normal" of delayed shipping times that contributes to my continued need of swear-apy in 2021. If the stars align and the fabric comes faster- we will be getting this out earlier! We can promise you that!