Mr. Rogers: A Second Chance

I am sure Mr. Rogers believes in second chances, and so do we! We are ending the year with one of our "most requested" fabrics of 2019. We all clearly need a little more of Mister Roger's Neighborhood in our daily lives.

This loving tribute is not a pre-order. It is live Friday at 9am pst - and ready to ship! We will be shipping the orders Friday and Monday before Christmas!

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Mister Rogers </br> Pattern Holder & Stand </br> Knit & Crochet Pattern Organizer:Pattern Wallet,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
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Mister Rogers </br> Yarn Sock:,:Slipped Stitch Studios
Mister Rogers </br> Crafter's Tool Box (Empty):Tool Box,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
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