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March Inspiration Boxes

2/16/21: Mercury is in Gatorade and we have had some unforeseeable web and electronic glitches over the last few days which have caused our site to be down. After much work- the glitches seem to be fixed now- however this kind of messed up our Order window for the March Box.  

At the same time I have had some great convos with many of you lovely people, and I realized that the MINI boxes were MISSED!

SO! I have created the option for MINI BOXES! There are 4 Available.

One for Kaffee Fassett and I broke down the Tim Burton Collection into each box. So There is a Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, and Coraline Box. 

**This is in part to the fact that Coraline is actually NOT Tim Burton- WHOOPS! I knew this at one point and totally forgot when I found the fabric by the same designer that made the Tim Burton fabrics....

SO! All fixed- and we are extending orders out till Friday!  We hope you will join us- as this is sure to be a FUN ONE!

Due to this last minute change- and a huge website glitch we had over the weekend we are extending the BOX orders until Friday at Midnight! You can get the FULL Or the MINI- the new ship date will be the week of March 29th.

Please consider signing up for our newsletters! We have all the important dates and updates at the bottom of each newsletter! We actually give you a heads up there in real time if anything is delayed or even running ahead of schedule!