Monthly Inspiration Boxes: MONTH 1 (3 Themes!)

This Cyber Monday we are kicking off our new gig! 

We have been having so much fun finding unique and special items for our "Advent Boxes" that we have found a new inspiration for our bags of the month! 

You may remember (if you have been with us for a while) that we used to have very clear "Bag of the Month" that has slightly relaxed over the years and become more of a monthly "pre-order" for special fabrics we love.  This gives us (as a small business) a chance to see what items you folks like without the initial "product limits" that most of our collections have! 2020 has inspired us to bring these back in a new and awesome way- as a 15 day Box of specialty supplies to keep your creative mojo going!! (AND! We have a MINI box with 8 of the 15 items if you want both, or want a more affordable option!)

For ONE WEEK -Starting MONDAY November 30th through the following Monday we have our first Monthly Inspiration Box available for pre order- and we are gonna start it BIG! 

Here are the important highlights to know about THIS MONTH'S BOX! (This will change slightly each month to keep things fresh and we will tell you all about it!!)

1. Choose Knit or Crochet: It may not always make a difference- but just in case- we want to make sure that you get your preference! 

2. Each FULL box will have 15 items in it. For this first box- we can tell you that the average retail for each item is $17 and above- with no items that are less that $6 retail. This box will have 2 skeins of themed yarn, and tons of specially themed supplies, including a Large Project bag, and zipper pouch!

2.5 Each Mini Box will have 8 items in it. For this first box- we can tell you that the average retail for each item is $17 and above- with no items that are less that $6 retail. This box will have 1 skein of themed yarn, and 7 other specially themed supplies, including a Medium Project bag, and zipper pouch!

3. The FULL will ship in a Medium Flat Rate Priority Box domestically, and will ship in the most efficient way possible for international! (Shipping is Included on Domestic orders only) The Mini will be in a Large Bubble Mailer- and the shipping is already included.

3.5 We have a 2-3 shipment Option for International (this will keep the total shipped under $100 and hopefully will help with those unexpected customs fees.) Also, for international orders: Please be flexible on the arrival times- we have very little control over it once it leaves- but we have a very good record for the items arriving!

4. This Month we have 3 themes: Princess Bride, Outlander, and one inspired by beautiful Spanish Tiles in blues and yellows. 

5. HOLIDAY GIFT OPTION! If you would like to give this as a gift for the Holidays, first off, THANK YOU!!!!! Second, Please add the "Send a Holiday Card" listing available in this collection.  We will send a Special Holiday Card out to your recipient no later than December 14th.  We will tease them with delightful visions of Sugar Plums to dance through their heads till this ships! It's worth the wait!

6. EXTRA DEAL!!!! ORDER on CYBER MONDAY to get an ADDITIONAL (Limited edition) themed Item with EVERY BOX SOLD!!!

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