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Travel Lanyard


Slipped Stitch Studios brings you a solution for the lost scissors dilemma that all crafters have had at one point or another. Don't dig for your scissors or loose them in the couch; attach them to the outside of your knitting bag, your keys, or anything else bigger than they are to assure yourself you won't be tugging on your yarn to get a break!

Step One: Pick the Lanyard you love

Step Two: Accessorize with the items you most need!

Lanyard Features

  • The 11" wrist-loop made with 1.25" Heavyweight cotton webbing is soft and durable.
  • Small enough to fit in a purse or bag but just perfect to fit comfortably over your wrist.
  • The key fob and split-ring hardware are made from durable silver-colored nickel.
  • Fun, unique style (see pictures for design and fabric details)
  • Attach Keys or make your own travel kit with our Accessories listing!

Accessory Options: (click HERE to choose accessories)

  • Foldable Scissors:
    • Checked for quality and sharpness prior to sale. 
    • Scissors are under 3" from handle to blade which passes TSA guidelines to take on the plane.
  • Carabineer:
    • Available in Purple Only right now, but please let us know if there is a color you would prefer!
  • LED Flashlight:
    • Always have a light at your fingertips, helps with those hard to see stitch patterns. Batteries included!
  • Stitch Marker Clasp:
    • Silver Plated hook has a nice sized thumb toggle.  Perfect for storing those extra stitch markers on the go!
  • Stitch Grabber:
    • A mini crochet hook perfect for grabbing that dropped stitch and getting it back on your needle.
  • Stylus: (color will vary from photo) Perfect accessory for those who keep patterns on their iPad or Kindle.
  • Row Counter: (Choose Red or Blue)
    • Keep track of your rows with this removable row counter.  This is also a great addition to the Zipper on any of our products!

The item pictured is an example of the actual product for sale and uses the same style, fabric prints, and material colors shown. However, the fabric pattern placement does vary on each item produced.

If you would like to make a special request regarding the placement of the print on the item, please contact us at BEFORE YOU ORDER for availability information.

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