Kyoto Garden

Live at 9am Wednesday July 1st- we have a Colorful Kawaii Japanese Garden scene on Bags, Masks, and more! Stalk here- and shop early! These are made and ready to ship!
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Kyoto Garden </br> Go Crafty Hybrid Sling
Kyoto Garden </br> Medium Project Bag
Only 1 left!
Kyoto Garden </br> Small Project Bag
Garden Flowers - Face Mask with Pocket
Only 2 left!
Kyoto Garden - Face Mask with Pocket
Lotus Flower </br> Travel Lanyard
Cherry Blossom </br> Travel Lanyard:Travel Lanyard,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Kyoto Garden </br> Triangle Zipper Notion Pouch
Only 1 left!
Garden Fresca </br> Yarn Sock
Only 2 left!
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