Knit Happens!

This Friday February 8th at 9am pst we bring you Knit Happens from one of our newest favorite indie artists Cynthia Frenette!

We have a very limited amount of ready to ship items- but will also have the option for pre orders, should something sell out!
This is our first release with the NEW Medium project bag and we are super excited to show you how much more room there is!
Check our Facebook Page for a FB LIve Friday Morning - if you don't catch it live- it will be up on the page for you to watch later!

Friday is Laura's Birthday- so feel free to say "Happy Birthday" this weekend!
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Knit Happens </br> Stitch Markers </br> Set of 5:Stitch Markers,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Only 1 left!
Knit Happens </br> Travel Lanyard:Travel Lanyard,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Only 1 left!
Crafty Bitch </br> Enamel Pin:Pins,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
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