Firefly: Tiny Shiny

Firefly: Tiny Shiny

This LIMITED collection is available for pre-order at 9am PST on Friday, February 10,2017 until TUESDAY Feb 14th.  Once the club sales have closed, pre-orders will no longer be available. This gives us time to special order the fabric, receive the supplies, sew like crazy, and prepare to ship. 

The scheduled ship week of this club is the week of (or before) March 13th 2017.

What is the Bag of the Month? This is not a normal "CLUB". The bag of the month was created to allow SSS to provide specialty fabrics for our favorite fandoms.  Specialty fabric printing and sewing is pricey, so there is an additional cost involved, it comes out to about $5-$7 extra a bag. These are super limited. Once it is gone, you may never see it again! Buying anything in the Bag of the Month Collection DOES NOT obligate you to any future purchases.  

If you would like to see what we have done with other clubs, please check out our BOM Hall of Fame. For Feedback, Spoilers and more- please check out our Ravelry fan page where you can post about your Slipped Stitch Studios experiences, and read about all the great things to come.

Note: All bag of the month clubs are inspired by the subject for which they are named. We use either our own artwork, or that of indie artists all over the world to create a unique take on all kinds of fandoms. (With Permission)

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