Custom Orders

Custom orders can be requested at

Custom Order F.A.Q: (copied from the Main FAQ Page)

Currently, we will make custom Stitch Markers, Double-Project, Two Skein, Sock bags, and Swift Covers.  All other items are not available at this time unless ordered in larger, wholesale quantities.  Custom orders can be requested at

What is considered Custom? 

Items created & designed by Slipped Stitch Studios, can be remade in a custom fabric(s) that you provide, or that we have additional yardage of. Some alterations can be made to current designs to fit you better, for additional costs.  Common alterations are resizing Swift covers and lengthening and shortening handle straps. Brand new, never before designed items are usually not available.   

Is there a fee for Custom Work?

Each item made or altered for you will have a $5 Custom Order Fee.  If your order is over $300 the custom fee will be waived. Wholesale custom items have different parameters; please contact us if you are interested in wholesale custom work.

Can I provide my own fabric? 

Yes. We love for you to get what you want in the perfect fabric; however, there is no discount for providing your own fabric. If you would like to purchase fabric online for this, please set up the custom order with us FIRST so that you can save on shipping by having it shipped directly to us.

How long do Custom Orders take? 

Custom orders are made (sewn, or put together) on a first come first serve basis. We have a general estimate of 2-3 weeks for production once the fabric is received.  This time is affected by several factors:

  • If the product is an alteration or a fully custom request. (Alterations can be completed much faster.)
  • How quickly fabric is received.
  • Time of year. (Custom production is slowest between November and February for the Holidays and Show schedules)


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