Civil Rights are Human Rights

I am pleased to announce that we are releasing a limited edition Civil Rights themed collection for Pre Order Friday June 26th at 9am pdt!

I have found 2 fabrics that I feel represent our support, and our voice- and we hope that it does for you as well. 

This collection will be on sale over the weekend and until Monday at midnight.

I have written an open letter that will be available in our newsletter Friday morning to explain my views and shed some light on where I stand in all this. If you are interested in the different voices of this movement and would like to know where I stand, take a look.
I am currently researching charities to donate 10% of the profits from this collection to help support the those that have had their small businesses and their lives badly affected over the last month. Please feel free to send me information, especially if you work personally with one!

If you are just here for the awesome variety of bags, organizers, and masks... well then, I will see you here on Friday- and Thank EWE for your support! <3
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