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MORALE MAIL CALL! Send yourself or a loved one something FUN! (And get a discount!)

ALL ORDERS OVER $25 will get a FREE Victory Rag - While Supplies Last!!!

These will be shipped on a first come first served basis- we are shipping daily as long as it's allowed- AND should anything happen- you order will be refunded or shipped as soon as possible- your choice!

Some bags include yarn, yarn socks, pins, buttons, stitch markers, and more! ALL blind bags include one or more sewn items from our shop.  We love to match so these bags will be themed! 

These will be wrapped like a gift and will be the perfect little surprise to send yourself or someone special! Enjoy! While Supplies Last!

 ***These items have been extremely discounted- no further discounts are allowed, including free shipping. We hope you understand! <3

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Hamilton the Musical - Victory Rags (Towelette, 5" x 5") - Pack of 2 or 4
Constitution - Victory Rags (Towelette, 5" x 5") - Pack of 2 or 4
Monkey Biz Flannel - Victory Rags (Towelette) - Pack of 2 or 4:RAGS,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Art of Sound - Victory Rags (Towelette) - Pack of 2 or 4:Sets,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
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