2020 Swear-apy From Cynthia Frenette

This is rare, this is random- but it CAN NOT WAIT!

This morning Cynthia Frenette unveiled her BRAND NEW LINE:

Suck It 2020

And we are ALL ABOUT IT! Nothing brings the world together more than agreeing that 2020 is the absolute pits. There is something therapeutic about calling it like it is and giving emotional validation to our fellow humans over this dumpster fire regardless of who we think is the culprit. 

Slipped Stitch Studios is all about uniting as humans to solve the problems of the past and build a better future where we all can enjoy the quality of life we work so hard for. 

This pre-order collection will be on sale all next week, and (with Spoonflower now allowing expedited shipping again, yay!) We plan to have these shipping by December 5th.  Lets vote with our hearts for a BETTER 2021! <3

(Order Note: This fabric is available in ALL of our Catalog, so all you have to do is find the fabric you want, scroll through the variables, and pick the items you like in each design. Please send us an email should you have any trouble finding the items you want! Yes, we have fabric and Yes we have Tins for a few these will be listed separately.)

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